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Roger Pierce couldn't even last 29 seconds, let alone 29 minutes! Girlfriend after girlfriend left him due to his poor bedroom performance. That was a while ago now because Roger discovered the natural way to last longer in bed. It took him quite a bit of research, but he wanted to find out what people like porn stars knew that other men seemed not to. He figured he'd never seen a porn star ejaculate quickly so they must be doing something differently. He found out what it was and now he's making it available to everyone as Last29. You can read more about Last29 by clicking any of the links on this page.

Roger notes that one of the most improved aspects of his life since learning to control his ejaculatory reflex is that he now has more confidence. Having more confidence has led him to naturally attract more women. More women that are satisfied with his bedroom performance. It has become a cycle of continual betterment.


So, you're probably asking what you need to be able to last longer in bed and naturally attract more beautiful women with the confidence that you're exuding. Well, all you need to do is learn some easy to follow techniques that Roger presents in his Last29 system. The good news is there are no strange exercises, you don't have to think of horrible things... Everything is natural and easy to follow.

Included with the system are the following things: The Last29 Program, 12 Emergency Tactics To Last Longer From Tonight, 100 Sex Tips and Tricks to Have Your Woman Screaming For More, Report and Audio of Multiple Orgasms For Men, How To Give Your Woman Screaming Orgasms, How To Attract And Seduce Any Woman, And Getting Into Threesomes Guide.


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